Powder Post Beetles are very small wood boring beetles. The larval stage of this insect can cause significant damage to wooden structures. The larvae will bore their way out and create pin size exit holes in the wood.

Our company can provide an application of a borate product to help eliminate these wood destroying insects. Please contact us for a free estimate or call 250-920-6267

How Do I Know if I have Powder Post Beetles?
The tell tale signs are groupings of small pin size holes within wood. In an active infestation this is also accompanied by very fine saw dust piles.

How Do I Get Rid of Powder Post Beetles?
Powder post beetles are commonly found in damp dirt floor crawl spaces. One of the things that can be done is laying down a 6mm or greater poly vapor barrier. This will greatly reduce moisture coming up through the ground. The other thing that can help is putting a dehumidifier or heater in the crawl space.